Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Those of you who loved our Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins will surely adore our adorable mason jar lid snowman craft! Not only is it adorable and unique, but its sure to become the talk of any gathering!

Why we love it: Wrought Iron Mason Jar Lid Snowman If you’re feeling crafty this holiday season, this mason jar lid snowman project could be exactly what’s needed! Perfect for Christmas decorations or holiday centerpieces or even as gifts! Plus if you don’t already have piles of mason jar lids lying around your home – no problem. Simply gather up enough lids from various containers in order to craft one and keep those piles at bay with this project!

Part rustic and part modern, this unique Christmas decoration stands out from store bought Christmas decor. Try tucking electric votives inside to illuminate it further!

Affordable bands are sold individually; you may opt for either three-level snowmen or two-level ones depending on how many lids are available to you.

My love of mason jars has truly been validated with this completed snowman lid snowman! It’s amazing how easily metal circles can become holiday decor pieces! And don’t forget the felt Christmas trees to complete your winter scene!


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