Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Make a no-knot fleece blanket using only minimal supplies! If you enjoy easy tie blankets but find them disconcerting due to their knotted design, I have another method for creating cozy fleece blankets!

Why We Love This Project
While I created my no knot fleece blanket as a homemade present for Buddy, you can also make one as a handmade present idea for any special event: baby shower, Grandparents Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas or birthdays…it doesn’t hurt just making one for fun either!

Easy and unobtrusive, it will keep your clothes secure without feeling the bulk of any loose ties when accidentally rolling over them or sitting atop them.

My daughter came home from high school with a simple knotted fleece blanket she’d made with some friends, which inspired me to make one for Buddy, my dog, for Christmas – though without all those knobby knots! Today, I want to show another easy method for making similar blankets without those unneeded knobby knots!

Find all of your supplies and instructions in a printable format at the end of this post.

Place solid fabric on your work surface, followed by the patterned fleece fabric ensuring all edges match up perfectly.

Use a ruler or measuring tape to accurately measure and cut four inch squares from each corner of the fleece, cutting through both patterned and solid fabrics. As an alternative, use a four inch square piece of cardboard or paper as a template and cut around it.

Cut 4-inch wide strips along all four sides of the fleece, cutting through both fabrics.

Insert both ends of the strip through the slit in order to thread it through and gently pull through, being sure not to pull too tightly as fleece can stretch easily. Doing this will ensure they will lay flat with no knots!

If your pup enjoys unwrapping presents like my Angel used to, fold a blanket in thirds lengthwise and roll it up before covering it with wrapping paper for Christmas morning. Let your pup tear off each strip until he/she finds an opening to get through!

This blanket is not just a gift idea for pups – it also makes an adorable homemade present idea for family, friends or neighbors! Who wouldn’t appreciate receiving something cozy as a present?


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