Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Deco mesh is one of my favorite materials! As evidence of this can be seen in my studio with these deco mesh flowers and poinsettia for Christmas. When it came time for fall wreath making I took some inspiration from my dandelions to craft this deco mesh pumpkin wreath!

Deco mesh can be found at most craft supply stores; large box retailers such as Walmart may carry a select selection. You can also find it online.

Need an elegant deco mesh pumpkin wreath for this Halloween? There are many variations available from sellers on Etsy.

As mentioned above, my deco mesh pumpkin wreath took some inspiration from my hanging dandelion flowers, which can be seen at the end of this post in my video of me creating yellow dandelion flowers – using exactly the same method! See it all the way below the printable version!

Tips & Facts
In full disclosure, I used Floracraft decorative mesh which unfortunately does not come in orange on Amazon; therefore I’ll provide a link to an orange equivalent on there instead. You should easily be able to find this at Michaels, Hobby Lobby or even WalMart!
Silk leaves come in small bags or come packaged with silk flowers; for best results use leaves without stems glued onto popsicle sticks for ease of insertion into Styrofoam pumpkins and deco mesh rolls of pumpkins.
For this pumpkin wreath project, two 10-inch x 10-yard rolls will be necessary. Although you might get away with one roll alone, it’s better to be safe than sorry! And if you don’t use both rolls you can always return one of them!

Watching this video is highly recommended as it shows the process for creating the “tube flower” base of a pumpkin. Here is an image showing its beginning stage.

Cut your roll of deco mesh into 10-inch lengths to form equal squares of mesh. Roll one square into a tube shape, insert a floral pin at its center, fold at its center and glue along its prongs before inserting on an angle into your Styrofoam disc.
Continue this process around the circle until your disc is filled up, turning the orange tube flower upside-down so that the Styrofoam disc faces upward.


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