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Make beautiful winter luminaries that appear covered with freshly fallen snow with snow texture paint! Perfect for the holidays and very straightforward, creating these festive luminaries is easy and stunning.

Make Beautiful Snowy Winter Luminaries
If you aren’t like me and prefer buying your pinecones at craft stores instead of collecting them yourself in your yard during spring cleaning, there’s always the option of purchasing pinecones online or from retail outlets like Hobby Lobby. Even though their dropping is often associated with autumn season, spring is when pinecones actually fall from trees – an advantage in terms of selection!

HINT: If you prefer purchasing luminaries instead of making them yourself, Etsy offers an amazing selection.

Pinecones release seeds every spring, like any tree does. Therefore, don’t wait until fall to go pinecone hunting as these may already have been destroyed by weather and lawnmowers! I was thinking about alternatives to pinecones when it occurred to me that dried orange slices might make more interesting ornaments!

DecoArt makes Glistening Snow-Tex, which features a glittery finish. Unfortunately it is no longer sold; however, regular Snow-Tex can easily be sprinkled with glitter to give a glittery touch. They also sell a Glistening Snow Writer that allows users to write letters or add details – although I didn’t use this specific option for this project, it would make an excellent ornament addition! Additionally, I added some lace trimming around each of the jars along with twine and baker’s twine as finishing touches.

I have made many luminaries over the years, but these snow-Tex luminaries stand out. When set, they dry hard enough that once finished you can move them around without damaging their base. Plus, I love their wintery and festive appearance; adding some holly berries would add even more detail!

I went a bit nuts taking photos of winter luminaries; I simply couldn’t decide on my favorites.

One time, I wrapped the entire rim in twine while on another I simply tied some around the top. Just do what makes you happy – that’s what I do.

Pinecones can be added by either gluing them onto twine and attaching it directly to the jar, or directly onto lace near its rim – whatever works!

I added about an inch of Epsom salts to each jar before placing a candle inside with tongs so as not to disturb my Snow-Tex from drying too quickly. Once done, allow for about an hour or more of drying time for best results.

One option would be to add the epsom salt and candle first, then decorate. However, this method might pose difficulties as picking up and moving around the jar may disrupt both snowflakes and candle. Either approach would work!

Winter luminaries are one of my favorite Christmas decorations this year! They will look lovely all lit up around your table or mantle – or even along your walk to your door.


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