Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Winter is an ideal season for creating Footprint Penguin art with acrylic paint, canvas and the help of someone you care about whose foot has been covered with socks – especially when making it from acrylic paint!

Footprint Penguin Art:
This easy keepsake craft requires minimal supplies, requires less cleanup time, and adds even more cuteness to the list of adorable animal crafts that you and your child can create together!

Below is an adorable winter craft to try with your kids – Penguin Footprint Art! I had so much fun making this adorable craft with my son and know you will too!

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After gathering supplies, trace your child’s shoe or sock-covered foot onto a canvas panel and sketch an image of a penguin chick within it – adding flat wings, beak, eyes and the outline of its feathers for extra detail.

Begin painting the footprint penguin chick. I began by applying black paint in areas which required more contrast.

My son enjoyed filling in his penguin chick’s body and beak using various shades of grey paint, selecting his preferred hue as best-suited to a penguin chick.

Paint the penguin chick’s face white. If desired, use blue and white paints to create a snowy scene for him; I used the round wooden end of my paintbrush while my son preferred using his fingertip as snowfall!

Use white and dark grey paint to add highlights and shades to the penguin chick’s body, using highlights and shades in white paint on her body, with dark grey for her face, once dry using round wooden ends of paintbrushes to dot on two black eyes (for added fun, try plastic wiggly eyes).

Aren’t these adorable? A wonderful winter keepsake craft for children!


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