Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations typically target adults 21 or over; but today I am offering an exciting St. Patrick’s Day Bingo game suitable for all ages! You can print the cards and tiles right at home and begin enjoying an entertaining, festive game with family or classmates quickly and easily!

Printable St. Patrick’s Day Bingo
As I did for Valentine’s Day and Halloween, I have now created printable versions of this bingo game for various holidays. Like previous editions, these PDFs are offered in two sizes – full sized PDFs fit one card on every 8.5”x 11” sheet while half-sized cards will allow two copies per sheet if needed.

First, decide whether you would prefer full or half page bingo playing cards and download both PDF files as well as the Bingo Tiles PDF to your hard drive.

Load your printer with heavy paper or cardstock and set it to print with high quality settings. Additionally, change your printer settings so it prints to all edges of the paper for best results. Finally, print all tile pages and cards.

Use scissors or a paper cutter to divide bingo tiles into squares; these tiles will serve as replacements for traditional bingo balls.

Traditional Bingo rules now take effect: All tiles should be placed in a bowl (or leprechaun hat!), and a caller will pull one tile at a time from it, describing and showing each tile to players; they check whether their card contains that picture before placing one of many markers (gold coins or green candies are great choices!) on it if applicable. Continue until one player lands five markers horizontally, vertically, or diagonally and announces “BINGO!” as their winner of that round; that player then shouts their victory by shouting out their winner of that round!

Are you in search of easy and inexpensive bingo prizes? The dollar store can be an invaluable source of St. Patrick’s Day bingo prizes; from glasses, sparkly hats, green beads strands to adorable End Of The Rainbow Loot Buckets filled with little prizes or candy – everything you could need!


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