Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

January is the time to put away Christmas decorations, but winter remains for another couple months! Winter decor such as snowflakes can add a festive touch to your home before it’s time for spring decor!

Why we love this project
Chalky paint provides an elegant finish on these snowflake mason jars, and works beautifully against their subtle snowflake patterns. Do you remember our mason jar canisters designed for bathrooms made with chalky paint as well? Additionally, chalky paint works wonderfully when painting wine bottles!

Craft supplies you will require: Americana Decor(r) Chalky Finish(tm). In our project we used Colonial, Serene and Everlasting shades from Americana Decor’s Chalky Finish range.

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Find all of your supplies and directions in a printable version at the end of this post.

Prep For Your Jars
Thoroughly clean glass jars using hot soapy water and a soft dishcloth, taking care to remove any labels or stickers from them before setting aside to air dry or drying using a paper towel.
Use a cotton pad or paper towel soaked with rubbing alcohol to clean the exterior of the jar, which will remove oils, fingerprints, smudges and fingerprints that have collected. When handling glass to paint it is also important that hands remain clean when handling it.
Paint Jars
Dip a larger paintbrush in Chalky Finish Everlasting and while holding the mouth of a jar upright, use long, even brush strokes in one direction around its perimeter. Also paint its base; be mindful to avoid drips and globs as much as possible! Leave the jar standing upside down until its full drying occurs.

Chalky Finish for glass surfaces can also be baked for an easy way to give a permanent and dishwasher-safe finish, providing permanent paint that takes longer to set – just be sure to follow all of the directions listed on its product label!

Making over your home for winter can give your life an exciting, fresh new start! These elegant snowflake mason jars make great centerpieces, shelf displays, or mantels this winter season!

Over time, you may have noticed my affinity for DecoArt products; these paints are my go-to! Visit their library of free projects here for even more inspiration!


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