Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Create adorable painted fall mason jars quickly and easily that will look wonderful in any farmhouse-style home. Mason jars and burlap are two materials I adore, and this craft idea combines both of those into an eye-catching centerpiece perfect for fall dinner parties and Thanksgiving feasts alike.

Fall Mason Jars
These painted mason jars spell “FALL”, but you could customize their spelling to any holiday! For instance, THANKS might make for a nice Thanksgiving table decoration while “JOY” spell out Christmas cheer – once you master this technique you will soon find yourself creating painted jars for every celebration!

Be sure to save the canning lids from your mason jar crafts projects so you can create these adorable mason jar lid pumpkins this autumn!

How to Create Fall Mason Jars:
Begin by painting your jars with chalk paint. Make sure they are both clean and dry – I usually clean mine using rubbing alcohol before starting painting – before setting aside and waiting for the paint to dry completely before moving forward with this step.
Cut burlap ribbon into 11 1/2-inch-long strips. Utilise black paint and layer stencils (I used double layer ones) to stencil letters onto each strip of burlap, as shown here. Once this step is complete, allow your pieces to dry completely before use.
Once everything has dried, secure each burlap piece to each jar using hot glue in their back corners and add seasonal floral arrangements as finishing touches to complete your display.

Painted Mason Jars in Fall Colors make great additions to a mantel or table centerpiece and are easy to create! Nothing says fall like some decorative mason jars with painted stripes!

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