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An enjoyable summer day is perfect for creating DIY garden stepping stones with the kids! They will love creating their own designs on these flat stones that can decorate gardens, pathways or any outside area that requires some special touch or decoration.

Why this tutorial works
This project serves as an easy introduction to mosaics, making it suitable for children or anyone new to this art form – hence why we list this in our adult craft projects category too.

Mosaics involve using tiny tiles or embellishments to form designs on wooden bases that will eventually be grouted and sealed to finish off your mosaic piece.

Our stone projects are constructed using the direct method, by placing tiles or embellishments directly on top of a mold filled with mortar to form designs without needing grout for attachments or placement. This creates a striking, seamless effect without needing grout for holding together individual pieces.

Garden stones provide endless decorating opportunities. Let your imagination run wild as you show your style by decorating them any way that speaks to you; I think our DIY Pebble Art design would look absolutely adorable on these stones!

Craft supplies you need, such as embellishment ideas using sea glass, glass beads, small crystal pieces, glitter pieces and buttons are included on this list.

Download a printable list and instructions at the end of this post.
Expert Craft Tips Consider taking a photo after arranging your designs in step #2 so that if there are any mishaps such as accidentally bumping the template and moving your designs, this image can serve as an additional reference tool. This may come in handy should anything arise that requires reframing of designs on your template.
Do not wash any mortar down your sink! Instead, scrape any excess into a plastic bag for disposal and use either an outdoor hose or bucket of water to clean your hands and tools after using them outside. For safety’s sake when working with young kids, premix the mortar according to manufacturer directions.
Create beautiful stones using one 10-pound container of quick set mortar! This project makes an excellent group activity (great for summer camp, scouts or even seniors!). Add embellishments you have on hand, look through your recycling bin for plastic containers to use as molds and have some fun!
Plastic gloves would be beneficial if anyone has sensitive skin as mortar may dry their skin out. But use your imagination! An old plastic ice cube tray makes an excellent solution for creating 12 fairy garden stepping stones (1/4” thick is best due to their size!).
Save molds to use them again to create more stones! Do not reuse molds for creating/storing food products.
Garden stones are an easy and creative way to use tiles and embellishments you may already have lying around the house to make beautiful outdoor artwork! Add extra shine with glitter sprinkled onto the design while the mortar sets.


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