Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Create your very own personalized drip tie dye backpack using this fun and straightforward method! Fill it with vivid hues of your choosing or arrange the colors into patterns – the drip tie dye method couldn’t be simpler!

Why We Love This Project
Crafting a drip tie dye backpack can be an engaging end of summer craft for children, which they’ll be proud to show their friends when returning to school! One great feature of the drip tie dye method is how easy and customizable it is; great for both adults and children alike! Simply mix and match colors until you find your ideal combination or create patterns by aligning the drips in an array of patterns.

See our tie dye beach towel project for two other techniques you can employ when creating this backpack, the crumple method and rainbow method. Use any canvas backpack you have available; drawstring backpacks work great as do regular white canvas backpacks.

Expert Crafting Tips
Avoid pouring colors too closely together when applying them with paints or dyes. While you can add color to fill gaps if necessary, too much dripping could create an muddy hue and leave your final project unappealingly dark. Leave some white space between each hue as the dye expands as it sits.
Plastic tablecloths, disposable gloves and smocks are essential tools when engaging in tie dye projects indoors or out. Wet your backpack before dying will help the colors absorb better for an enlivening, colorful result!
Use the drip tie dyeing technique on any item from hats, socks, towels, T-shirts, sweaters and sweatpants – from hats to sweatpants!

Tie dye backpacks are an enjoyable DIY project you can take part in to use it however you please – whether that means back-to-school shopping, beach trips or simply as an everyday carryall! Use it for back to school purposes, beach getaways or wherever your adventures may lead!


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