Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

This stunning sunflower wreath is handcrafted with brown, yellow and green burlap to easily transition from summer to autumn! A statement piece such as this on your front door makes a lasting statement piece for visitors!

Why We Love This Project
Bright and cheerful with rustic charm, the sunflower wreath is an eye-catching piece to display indoors or out. While you might have seen similar projects online, making one yourself can be done much cheaper at home! Plus it’s quite straightforward; so gather up a group and make a day of it!

Sunflower crafts make for versatile seasonal decor; from summer through to fall they provide plenty of enjoyment! Your wreath or other piece will get plenty of use!

Find all of your supplies and instructions in a printable version at the end of this post.

Expert Crafting Tips
Instead of floral wire, pipe cleaners make an effective substitute to fasten burlap petals to a wire wreath form. Once this wreath has been completed, its colors can easily be customized based on personal taste; pink, red or purple would all make gorgeous choices!

An elegant sunflower wreath will add color and charm to any front door; just be ready for it to spark conversation!


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