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My neighbor and dear friend Debra created this fabulous DIY yard art from an old watering can with crystals from an old chandelier hanging underneath it. When sunlight hits these crystals, its light reflects brilliantly off of them to illuminate my yard art beautifully.

Crystals seem to be pouring from a watering can’s spout using nothing more than wire and beads to secure them. Keep reading to discover how you can build your own crystal-pouring watering can!

Watering Can That Pours Crystals This whimsical garden decoration would look lovely when displayed alongside some stunning Decorative Garden Stakes! Don’t you agree?

NOTE: For those interested in buying one of these beautiful designs, check out the stunning options on Etsy!

Below I will detail how you can DIY something similar or watch my video below this paragraph. After watching, make sure to continue scrolling down through this post and view all of its photos!

As I posted a photo of this watering can project on Instagram a few years ago, I had no idea that its impact would reach far. When I went back to Facebook later on to share it there, there was quite an unexpected response!

What ensued were almost 700 likes and over 200 shares on my Facebook page at that time – an unprecedented success! Since it had such a wide reach, I decided to visit Debra’s again the next day in order to take better pictures and explain how you too can create your own valentines with Debra’s help.

Debra and I live right around the corner from each other, yet had never met until one day she introduced herself by saying she “met” me through a blog, something no one in my small town seemed aware of at the time.

Debra and I met 4 years ago, and since then have become fast friends. We share creative tips and crafty inspiration frequently and I’m so glad she came knocking.

Debra lives in an adorable little farm house with an expansive barn in her side yard, from which I salvaged items like these Distressed Shutters. Check out that post for some photos of Debra’s barn and property.

For even more, I have posted a small photo album of Debra’s barn on Facebook.

Debra has an amazing garden. Now that it is autumn in southeast Wisconsin, many of her colorful blooms have gone to sleep for another season; but her set up offers lots of whimsical items which I will show here.

Debra’s yard features many items salvaged from the side of the road or acquired at garage sales for pennies. Her garden path is lined with blue bottles that have been turned upside-down and planted into the earth as part of her landscape design.

One of my favorite aspects of her garden are these charming herb pots she found stacked together in a garbage can.

She said the previous owner might have said, “Ewww, the paint’s all peeling away…(in an exasperated voice).”

This lovely garden gem was assembled using a glass flower frog, colorful beads, wire, and several old keys.

Near the barn there’s a broken old chair covered with vines, and resting upon that chair sits this captivating crow made from metal and an old shovel.

Hanging nearby are more crystals, this time falling from a small metal jello mold pan.

As can be seen from the close-up photo, she strung crystals onto wire and threaded the ends through the holes on the spout. From within the spout she ran a bead (any type of bead will do as it won’t be visible) onto it before twisting and wrapping to secure it inside the spout. Finally she simply attached the head back onto the can by crimping its edges with pliers.

Debra purchased her can at a garage sale for $1.00, and received her crystals as gifts from friends. Crystals like those featured here can be found online through Amazon.

Debra’s an amazing person too 🙂 I just adore her beautiful garden and all its decor – such an inventive crafter! Check out my Ladybug Painted Rocks that make an adorable addition to flower beds or start a Fairy Garden as well!


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