Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Are you searching for an easy and enjoyable craft activity for the kids that won’t cost too much? I save plastic lids, so this could be the ideal rainy-day activity or afternoon craft project!

Recycling! I believe this project was an epic success! Most recycling centers accept containers but do not take the lids or caps from these bottles – I like saving these parts so I can create more projects out of them – like my plastic lid ladybugs from years ago!

Expert Tips & FAQs
Although this project takes only minutes to make, its drying time may take anywhere between 5-6 days due to being made out of regular white craft glue applied in thick layers.

The outer layer will dry first, sealing in any liquid glue underneath and not allowing air to contact it directly. Without enough room for moisture evaporation to take place, drying times become considerably lengthened.

Make this project two separate craft projects by crafting the sun catcher first and embellishing it later a week later.

This project makes an enjoyable group project! I hope both you and the children enjoy!


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