Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Have you heard of sponge bombs or played the sponge toss water game before? This activity makes for an engaging activity on hot summer days that both you and the kids can enjoy!

Why this game is popular
No one can resist the appeal of water games during a hot day. Playing together outside and cooling off together are surefire ways to bring all members of the family closer.

While you can play the classic sponge toss water game, there’s also plenty of wet fun to be had when tossing soaked sponges around! Catching and throwing these wet sponges around are great games – they don’t hurt either!

Supplies You Will Require
While one color sponge might suffice, we’ve found great sponge bombs with multiple colored sponges using multiple colors from Target – find more information at here.

Make this project even simpler by downloading our printable version at the end of this post, complete with supplies and directions for crafting sponge bombs! Saturate two sponges with water before squeezing out excess moisture using your hands – this makes them much easier to cut and work with! Each sponge bomb requires 2 sponges; cut each lengthwise into 4 strips lengthwise before cutting each lengthwise again lengthwise along its length. We offer tips & FAQs below!
Make as many sponge bombs as desired. At minimum, we suggest making at least two for kids to enjoy playing the sponge toss water game.
Wear swimsuits so everyone will remain dry!
Other tutorials may advise using zip ties; I do not advise this as they can be hard and the cut ends can be sharp, potentially injuring those using them. Instead, twine is much safer.
Play Sponge Bomb Catch
Create an enjoyable Sponge Bomb Catch experience for kids by giving each their own bucket of water and sponge bombs, and tossing them back and forth as an entertaining way to beat the summer heat!


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