Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Tulip Wreaths can bring vibrancy and cheeriness to your front door this springtime! All it takes are four supplies for creating this lovely display piece that is sure to turn heads.

Why We Love This Project
A tulip wreath makes a lovely front door decoration for spring and Easter, adding some color and brightness during rainy spring days – something all of us can appreciate! It also brings the holiday spirit alive – making the celebration of life that much sweeter!

Our love for spring wreaths runs deep, so here is our collection of 30+ DIY Spring Wreaths to inspire.

Get all of your supplies and instructions in one handy place at the end of this post with our printable version!
How to Craft a Tulip Wreath Once your tulips have been cut into individual stems using wire snippers, be sure to leave long stems. Push any greenery upward towards the bloom of each flower – we used light pink and cream and green tulips in this example wreath!
Starting with one pink stem and one white stem, place them criss-cross style onto your wreath form.
Use ribbon or yarn to secure and wrap around each stem in place, then add two additional tulip stems in their place to cover over those you positioned previously, making sure they generally point in one direction and that there is an overhang on the outer edge of the wreath. Expert Crafting Tips
Add extra depth and dimension to your wreath by including blooms of tulips in different colors – like this deep pink hue – which contrasts sharply against it. Feel free to experiment with various varieties of tulips; combine and match for an ideal wreath that suits you!
This DIY Tulip Wreath is both inviting and brings back that warm feeling of spring!


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