Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

These simple coastal wood slice coasters feature an eye-catching spiral pattern inspired by all the vibrant hues found in nature and sea life.

Why We Love This Project
While winter may have you feeling blue, beachy crafts can bring back those memories of sea breeze and salty hair! Or if your home features nautical or coastal themes that need an upgrade. These coastal wood slice coasters make a beautiful statement with vibrant beachy hues painted in a swirl design–plus they’re simple and inexpensive to create!

Decoart Coastal Color Acrylic Paints are perfect for this project. Their bright, bold hues provide an eye-catching contrast on wood slices while you could also use these paints to craft mini coastal clay houses!

Access a comprehensive list of supplies and directions in a printable version at the end of this post.

All the paint colors used for this craft came from the DecoArt Coastal Colors Acrylic Paint Set, an all-in-one set with 12 coastal-themed hues to make crafting beach themed crafts easier! Purchasing individual acrylic colors adds up over time.

Before beginning, ensure the surfaces of each wood slice have been thoroughly sanded. Select five paint colors from your set for each coaster – three blue/green hues and two taupe/browns are an effective mix – taking care not to allow drying between colors as this will allow them to blend harmoniously together.
Begin by painting the outer ring with Ultramarine Blue from this set, followed by layering in Baby Blue as the lighter blue shade overlapping slightly with it. Expert Crafting Tips
Once the paints have set completely, an optional step to add durability is to apply a coat of DuraClear High Gloss Varnish or clear resin varnish.
We used birch wood slices, but you can paint on any type of slice you like! Look for them online (e.g. Etsy, Amazon, Hobby Lobby or Michaels) or at your local craft store – natural slices work wonderfully too!
Attach wood slices as holiday ornaments by drilling a small hole at the top. Coasters make great housewarming or hostess gifts!

Take these coastal wood slice coasters (say that fast) home for yourself or give as a present! We offer three different color combos; mix and match to meet your preferences!

No doubt you’ve noticed my preference for DecoArt’s products over time; they are my go-to paints! Check out their library of free projects here.


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