Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

These DIY tea towels feature beautiful botanical stencils and vibrant fabric paint for an easy yet stunning finish. Ideal for springtime celebrations or all year-round use!

Why we love this project:
My favorite way to bring seasonal change into the home is with small touches that add something special – one great way is with accent tea towels you can hang from cabinets, dishwashers, ovens or over the sink for instant spring flair! These DIY tea towel crafts can easily be created using stencils and high quality paint – you don’t need just spring as an excuse to craft them!

These stencils and paints can be used on T-shirts, pillowcases, curtains, bandanas or shoes to add a unique design element. Plus, the soft yet durable paint makes for an enjoyable craft day with friends or family! So grab some fabric items, sit down together for some creative fun and get crafting!

Craft supplies you’ll need Our go-to acrylic fabric paint for this craft project is DecoArt SoSoft(tm) Fabric Paint, known for its durability and softness. For stencils we recommend DecoArt Americana Decor 8×8 Botanical Stencil; Americana Gloss Enamel Floral Stencil; or DecoArt Stencils on a Ring Whimsical Delight by DecoArt.

Doing your shopping through one of the links above (the DecoArt shop), you can save 20% by entering CraftsbyAmanda20 as the discount code!

Visit the printable version at the end of this post for the complete list of supplies and directions.

How to DIY Tea Towels Place the towel on top of your work surface. To prevent paint from seeping through to the fabric layers, separate them using cardboard pieces wrapped with plastic, freezer paper or foil.
Position the fern stencil over the tea towel in its bottom-right corner and tape or hold steady with one hand to prevent movement.
Dip your stencil brush in Bright Avocado paint and wipe away excess on paper towel before dabbing over top of a stencil, transferring paint onto tea towel fabric. Continue this process until all images have been transferred successfully.
Apply Apple Green fabric paint along the outer edges of all leaves using a smaller stencil brush.
Remove and wash the stencil with warm water before setting the flower stencil onto your tea towel and using your brush to apply Dark Rose fabric paint over top of it. You can then take this opportunity to add more flowers using different size stencils around the fern – these expert crafting tips should prove extremely helpful!
Prewash your tea towels without using fabric softener, then allow them to fully dry before ironing out any wrinkles if necessary before beginning.
As soon as the paint dries for 48-72 hours, remove the tea towel from its covered cardboard to avoid it sticking together. Wash on gentle cycle before hanging up or placing low heat dryer for quick drying time.


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