Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Beads, pliers, floral wire, hot glue and a garden stake will set you up to create an exquisite beaded garden sparkler!

Why We Love This Project
This beaded garden sparkler shimmers and shines beautifully under the sun’s light, making an attractive decoration for any yard or garden!

Now that spring has sprung and summer is upon us, it’s time to deck your garden out in decor. In addition to our beaded decorative garden stakes, we decided to craft up something different; something with bead options and color choices tailored specifically for you and your taste! This garden sparkler makes an eye-catching display in any garden space and adds flair with every turn.

How to Craft a Beaded Garden Sparkler
Begin by sorting beads by size, color and shape before cutting 8 pieces of 18 gauge wire into lengths between 7″ to 9″. With wire cutters at hand, cut pieces into lengths from 7″ to 9″.
Working one strand at a time, begin threading beads onto wire. Start with lighter-weight beads at either end and fold back the threaded wire before twisting above each bead before adding more beads that cover its folded end.

Expert Crafting Tips Beads can be found in craft stores’ jewelry aisles and come in an assortment of sizes, colors, and shapes. Additionally, garage sales, thrift stores or using existing pieces could all provide inspiration.

Beaded garden sparklers bring an element of fun and delight to any outdoor space, mimicking the look of fireworks with their weeping strands of colorful beads. How are you decorating your garden this year?


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