Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Recycle those empty coffee cans into lovely fall decor! I’ll show you how to craft my adorable coffee can scarecrow, perfect for display on either your mantelpiece or front porch.

Why this project works: Simply because recycling! I’ve always enjoyed turning everyday objects into something useful or fun – plus you likely already possess most of the materials necessary.

Outside of purchasing the small hat, most crafters should be able to find buttons, felt, twine, and raffia for this craft project!

Now you are finished! Your scarecrow can now be displayed anywhere from your porch or deck to being the centerpiece of a holiday table, shelves, side tables or fireplace mantels!

Expert Tips & FAQs
For this project, any size coffee can will work fine; simply eyeball the button sizes until they meet your desired look – they may need to be large or small depending on personal taste! These make an elegant centerpiece for Thanksgiving tables! To properly size a hat dome over top the can.
If you don’t own a coffee can, why not use an oatmeal container?

Scarecrows have always been one of my favorite fall decorations – they add so much charm! Perfect for adding festive fun!


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