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I love wreaths, but one adult craft I lacked was how to create a burlap wreath. So let me show you how! A wire coat hanger and some burlap or ribbon will do just fine when making this lovely decoration.

Why We Liked This Project
There are various methods for crafting a burlap wreath. My current attempt uses a coat hanger as its form; there are also instructions available online on using wired and Styrofoam wreath forms instead. You could weave or tie strips of burlap ribbon through its form as needed – the possibilities are limitless!

No matter what style suits your tastes best, make a burlap wreath that makes you happy! Embellish it with silk flowers, miniature pumpkins or scarecrows, or add decorative items such as berries and twigs – it would look lovely next to my reversible scarecrow snowman sign or these mason jar lid pumpkins!

Tips from Experience
After seeing a video (via Just Call Me Homegirl) on how to make a burlap wreath, I knew immediately I wanted one! In order to show just how easy the process is, here is a link to my wreath from September 2015 with its hanger still attached, but the weight of gravity began causing its weight to shift downward and shift it down further over time.

As a spacer between each fold of burlap, I suggest using something as an aid – such as small wads of modeling clay attached to the hanger – or just hot glueing burlap as you go.

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Before beginning assembly steps, please watch this video first as I won’t show you each individual one step by step. Instead, just repeat one motion repeatedly until finished watching then come back. 🙂

Use small pliers to unwrap the wire hanger. Extend and stretch out into a circle shape while creating hooks at either end so it can be joined later.

Thread the burlap as per the video instructions (please see my “experience tip” above), joining and tightening its hooked ends with the pliers so they do not unhook from each other later.

Make an attractive wreath using silk flowers by decorating with hot glue gun and embellishing with lace ribbon tied into a bow tied onto top of wreath with hot glue gun. Tie bow in ribbon for extra decoration at front.

Other Embellishment Ideas
Silk flowers in colors to suit each season make a lovely decorative flourish, and if built separately can easily be attached via pins or pipe cleaners to wreaths for easy change of season! Simply unpin or remove the pipe cleaner when the season changes! Once removed you can add new seasonal pieces!
Add romance and rustic elements with lace by purchasing it in ribbon form, making it simple to tie into a bow like I did here. Plus you could even use it to enhance flower arrangements!
Personalize it to your family name! By painting a painted letter in the center of your wreath, a monogrammed touch adds the perfect monogrammed touch that adds an individualized touch. This way you can truly personalize it!
Light It Up! You can add battery operated mini LED string lights to illuminate your wreath or garland for any special event, holiday season, or just year-round fun! I did this with my deco mesh poinsettia flower.
Now that you know how to make a burlap wreath, it makes an easy and great holiday present idea – or no excuse not to have one on your door as part of decorating before people enter! Decorating outside first lets people know you want them inside!

Now that I’ve discovered how fun and easy making wreaths can be, I’ve been collecting various ideas to try. One idea I really like is this Indian Corn Wreath one which might be my next project.

If burlap crafts are your passion, my vintage jewel burlap wall letters and my burlap & doily luminaries might just be what you need! Or for something different entirely, try my bleached burlap vintage jewelry luminaries as an in between project!

More Burlap Crafts
I’ve come across some fabulous burlap crafts recently, like this coastal burlap wall art from Sand & Sisal and Country Chic Cottage’s burlap and ribbon pillow with ribbon tie from Country Chic Cottage. Home Stories A to Z offers instructions for making burlap light shades.
Just Paint It utilizes spray paint to craft an eye-catching burlap pillow featuring leaves. A beautiful sunflower wreath featuring brown, yellow and green burlap completes this beautiful statement piece! Make a lasting impression from summer into fall by hanging this striking wreath on your front door!


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