Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Growing up, I remember only ever encountering orange pumpkins. Now you can find blue, white and pink versions in addition to their traditional counterpart. Blue Cinderella pumpkins seemed ideal for creating fresh succulent arrangements of pumpkins.

DIY Succulent Pumpkin Although this DIY project differs significantly from our miniature wine cork succulent magnets, discovering creative new ways to use succulents in decorating is always thrilling! I recently came across an exquisite Cinderella pumpkin arrangement from Stone Gable Blog that inspired me to create one myself.

I love using non-traditional blues greens and soft purples as an alternate palette for Fall. Last year I designed watercolor painted pumpkin place cards featuring these modern hues which you can download and use at Thanksgiving.

My mother has an incredible green thumb, with all sorts of succulents and plants flourishing at home.

Care of a Succulent Pumpkin
My Cinderella pumpkin succulent arrangement turned out beautifully, as expected. Since it is fresh pumpkin it will only last about two weeks before you can compost it.

However, you can take out your succulent arrangement and place it into another planter to continue growing. For longer-lasting decor options using plastic or foam pumpkins as succulent pumpkin decor.

Below you can find more creative pumpkin ideas! This festive pumpkin wreath makes the perfect autumn and Thanksgiving decoration, or can even be used to embellish an ordinary burlap wreath however you please.
Are you familiar with canning lid pumpkins that adorn social media and the internet, yet do not know how easy they are to make? Read this tutorial and make these mason jar lid pumpkins to decorate your Thanksgiving table or mantle this holiday season!
Reversible scrap wood pumpkins – perfect decor from fall all the way through winter!


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