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I love creating luminaries, and have created numerous different kinds over the years. These fall napkin luminaries utilize beautiful autumn and Halloween paper napkins from dollar stores, big box stores, or grocery stores – perfect for creating stunning table centerpieces!

Do You Want to Learn How to Make Fall Napkin Luminaries
Looking for an easy DIY project for girls night, seniors craft day or just something extra this fall season? Napkin luminaries make a wonderful addition to home decor this Halloween and fall! These Halloween and fall napkin luminaries make great decorations.

Recently I conducted a Facebook live session for this project; if you prefer not to watch all of it, this blog post features an edited video tutorial instead.

Before beginning with Mod Podge, and particularly if you didn’t watch my detailed video where I share tips, be sure to review these first.

Avoid mixing white glue and water; while this solution works, it will eventually yellow over time. Mod Podge (and similar decoupage mediums) have been specifically developed to prevent yellowing; see our post on How To Choose The Best Glue For Craft Projects for more advice!
Priming” your jar first requires applying a thin coat of Mod Podge to make the glass tacky and make applying napkins easier. If possible, separate double-ply napkins – I used sturdy one-ply ones here as examples.
Apply Mod Podge carefully and with light pressure over the napkin in order to avoid ripping it. Remember, decoupage medium is liquid; using too heavy a hand could damage your design! For best results use enough Mod Podge so as to not cause drippage.
Be sure to allow your finished project time to dry completely (ideally over night) before adding candles and displaying it. And always store Mod Podge in a cool location out of reach from children.
Put wet decoupage projects onto a wire cooling rack to avoid sticking them to your table! Doing this prevents any sticky situations!

How to make Halloween and fall napkin luminaries
First, carefully clean and dry a glass jar before beginning. Prepare paper napkins by separating plies if necessary and cutting designs out from them. Next, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge on the front of your jar; when complete place upside-down with wet side facing upward.
Press a napkin gently onto the jar from its center outward. Apply Mod Podge along its bottom edge, side edges and rim before using a soft hand to apply an even coat over all. Complete these steps on both sides of the jar for best results.
Allow everything to dry completely (overnight is best) before displaying and adding a candle. Decorating the rim with burlap, ribbon or twine is completely optional and completely recommended by watching this post’s video! For assistance in this project be sure to watch its accompanying video!

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