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Crafting sunflower crafts is a fun way to celebrate fall! These sunflower craft ideas range from preschoolers through full-grown adults – so have some fun and don’t be intimidated!

Sunflower Crafts and Recipe Ideas Looking for Sunflower Craft Ideas? Whether you need preschool-friendly craft ideas or projects adults can do, there is something here that everyone will enjoy making! Adults will appreciate making wreaths out of burlap and decomesh while kids will appreciate recycling old things into new projects!

Just added! These beautiful sunflower kissing balls would make an eye-catching centerpiece at any fall party or wedding! Perfect for an autumn celebration!

Fun Facts about Sunflowers
Did you know that sunflower is the only flower with “flower” in its name?
Sunflower seedlings follow the path of the sun across the sky using heliotropism until blooming time when this process ceases.
The sunflower is the official state flower of Kansas. Some varieties can grow as tall as 8-12 feet in just six months! In fact, one was grown in the Netherlands in 1986 that measured over 25 feet! One sunflower may contain up to 2,000 seeds.
There are over 60 varieties of sunflowers found all around the world. You might have experienced eating their striped seeds; solid black ones are used to produce sunflower oil instead.
9 Fun Sunflower Crafts Clothespin Sunflower – Make ordinary clothespins into beautiful sunflowers by turning them into the petals!
Paper Plate Sunflower Craft – Paper plate crafts are always great projects for kids of any age. Coffee Filter Sunflowers – Use coffee filters to make sunflowers with the kids!
Salt Dough Candle Holder Sunflower – Create beautiful candle holders using some salt dough!
Pretty Painted Sunflower – This painted sunflower is ideal for preschoolers. Upcycled Sunflower Craft – Use leftover packing peanuts as center pieces of your sunflower craft!
Easy Paper Plate Sunflower – Here’s another fun version of paper plate sunflower.
Cupcake Liner Sunflower – Simple yet adorable, children will delight in making their very own sunflower cupcake liners. Sunflower Thank You Cards – Who wouldn’t appreciate receiving an adorable painted sunflower card as a thank you?

And I hope that by now you have found some amazing sunflower crafts to keep you busy this fall crafting season! Let me know if there is another project of your own which wasn’t mentioned here.


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