Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

With pretty pastel colors and natural grapevine wreath, this DIY Easter egg wreath idea is the perfect way to welcome spring. Additionally, use any leftover plastic eggs with our printable Easter Scavenger Hunt!

Easter is one of our favorite times of year – warm days, the promise of new growth and blossoming flowers make for beautiful pastel decor! But perhaps most exciting of all? is our Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial.

Last year we created this simple bunny ear wreath and then a garland using it on our fireplace mantle, but this year will be all about eggs and chicks and this Easter wreath idea will serve as the starting point!

How to Create an Easter Egg Wreath
First, ensure the eggs are clean and dry before beginning. Cut pieces of floral wire approximately four inches in length. Bend one end of one piece of wire, thread it through one of the bottom holes on a plastic egg, twist and secure in place, repeat for all other eggs in wreath.

Finishing Touches mes While I think your wreath looks lovely on its own, adding simple ribbons, leaves or phrases like our seashell wreath idea might add something special. My Easter egg wreath also includes an adorable white dove!

One of the great aspects of this wreath is that I made use of materials already present at home. Once Easter is done, I may just remove the eggs and use the wreath with summer themes in mind.

Would you add any other details to this Easter egg wreath?

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