Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

These free spring activity sheets and coloring pages for kids come together as a bundle and include word scramble, crossword puzzle, and two coloring pages to stimulate children’s imagination!

Why We Love These Printables
Whether the weather’s drizzly outside, or you just need an activity sheet to keep the kids occupied during an afternoon of rainy fun, these spring activity sheets will keep their minds and bodies active! Plus they make for a fantastic classroom project to help expand creativity!

While making play dough or slime is one way of developing fine motor skills, these free printable spring activity sheets provide another excellent means of doing just that.

How to use Spring Activity Sheets
Give the kids colored pencils, markers or crayons. All that’s required beyond that is printer and paper to get going! Below we have listed ideas of different ways these spring activity sheets can be utilized!

Staying busy while traveling by car on road trips or long drives; homeschooling and working on spring unit; giving grandparents or babysitters something fun to do on road trips/long drives/in the classroom to stretch minds and improve motor skills; as well as giving an activity sheet as a boredom buster on rainy days are just a few ideas of ways these activities sheets make great ways to keep busy while traveling; for homeschoolers these also serve as excellent homeschooling projects, great gift ideas or simple entertainment ideas!

Children will love decoding and coloring these spring activity sheets to build motor skills while exploring their imagination! Plus, kids can exercise both!


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