Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

We created this printable beach bingo game as a simple and cost-effective way for parents and teachers alike to keep children occupied indoors during those dreary summer days.

Printable Beach Bingo Game
With summer break in full swing and kids off school for summer break, keep them engaged over summer vacation with some enjoyable at-home games! I designed two sizes of PDF Beach Bingo Cards: full sized cards will fit on one 8.5”x 11” page while half-sized will print two per sheet – although smaller tiles would likely prove more difficult to use!

Related: Looking for more ways to keep the kids busy this summer? Try printing off a Summer Scavenger Hunt or free summer coloring pages; they make great summer activities! Additionally, try Seuss story blocks which are both enjoyable and easy to create!

First, download both PDFs of playing cards you intend to use and Bingo Tiles PDFs onto your hard drive and save them somewhere that will be easy to find later. Next, load heavier-weight printer paper or cardstock into your printer and set its quality print settings so that the bingo cards and tiles have optimal final results when printed out. Now simply send PDFs off for printing!

Utilizing scissors or a paper cutter, divide up the bingo tiles. They will serve as an alternative to regular bingo balls when it comes time to play; standard bingo rules still apply! I suggest using small pieces of paper or candy rather than markers so your cards can be reused time after time.


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