Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Create some summer fun by designing your own tie dye beach towels using two exciting techniques!

Why we like this project
Tie dye beach towels are an engaging summer project the kids will enjoy taking part in, giving them an outlet to show off their creativity while meeting other friends at the pool or beach.

Here we present two techniques – the crumple method and rainbow method (used previously on our rainbow tie dye shirts). Both methods are easy and fun for adults and kids alike!

Rainbow Method
There are two approaches for dampening your towel: either pre-wetting before adding rubber bands, or placing rubber bands and then dampening with water from a hose afterwards. Both methods should work, provided that it’s done before dye is added.

Expert Crafting Tips
When dyes struggle to penetrate through thick cotton fibers, be sure to flip and color both sides. In its first couple of washes, run it separately from other towels or clothing items in order to minimize color leaking.
Make sure to wear disposable gloves! Smocks can also make for a good choice when inviting children along for the fun. When creating custom colors, no mixing bottle needed; just squeeze your dye onto towels!
We prefer using tablecloths with plastic backings for their antimicrobial qualities; however, any regular plastic tablecloth will work.

Use our two dye method on totes, hats, shirts, sweatshirts and socks – or make these vibrant beach towels for an eye-catching project perfect for spring or summer days!


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