Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Have you ever found yourself wondering what to do with seashells? Well, make these fun sea shell creatures an easy craft you and/or the kids can do, inspired by these adorable sea shell fish. Just grab some shells, air-dry clay, paint and glue then get crafting!

Sea Shell Creatures
If you prefer smooth, perfect shells to gather from the beach, don’t bother gathering them yourself; buy them instead from your local craft store instead and save time cleaning them later! Air-dry white clay makes this activity user-friendly; just remember it needs time to dry overnight before being painted and assembled into creatures using shells!

If kids will be using glue, regular rather than hot may be easier for them. I like keeping my shells unpainted for a more natural appearance; however, you could paint them for a change.

These sea shell creatures make great decor for beach-themed parties and events. Need sweet treats as well? Try creating sea creature candy pops or making shells out of candy clay!

Plan each of your sea shell creatures before beginning. Sketch designs and experiment with clay and shells until you come up with creatures you like. Roll, pinch and shape air-dry clay into parts necessary for holding shells on creatures before leaving them to dry overnight.

Paint the clay parts desired colors, adding googly eyes with white and black dots of paint to complete their expression. Allow to dry.

These sea shell creatures are adorable! Not only is this an easy project for kids to create, but they serve as an awesome reminder of days at the beach!

There’s plenty of creative freedom when it comes to shell crafts! Have any other seashell-related crafts been made by you that you would like to share? Feel free to do so below in the comments section!

Create one or more of the creatures found here, or design your own! Or set up a scene inside a large glass jar for more permanent display.

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